The World According to Craig Podcast – Episode 4 – Your body is magic. Medicine is not.

Your body is magical. Medicine is not. Real, practical advice from a man supremely qualified to give it, and easy to understand. Dr. Russell Buhr joins us to talk about your relationship to medicine and your doctor. Russell Buhr might have a lot of initials after his last name thanks to being supremely qualified and an excellent doctor, but now he joins us to talk about everyday concerns around your health, life, your relationship with your doctor, and yes, even COVID-19. You see, the thing is, most of us have been thinking about medicine, hospitals, and even our doctor in the wrong way. These people and institutions are there to allow our bodies to work their magic, and magic it is. The miracles under your skin pale in comparison to anything our medical system can do. In this week’s episode, we’ll learn how to empower ourselves to heal, as well as the number one thing you can do to get better when you’re sick.

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