The World According to Craig Podcast – Episode 3 – The Difference Between Kindness & Accountability

Meg Cerone is more than just a sought-after trainer and fitness instructor. She’s a former beauty queen who, after a horrific accident, rebuilt her life from the ground up. And while she might be 70% titanium now, she’s 100%, badass philosopher. And her core philosophy? There’s a difference between being kind to yourself and being easy on yourself. In a time when it can feel like we all need a bit more control, it turns out all we need is our own bodies and lives. In this week’s episode, we’ll not only discover how to hold ourselves and others accountable, but how to embrace the privilege of life choices, find joy in responsibility for others, and get schooled in a radical philosophy of kindness. Are you ready to be happy? Because Meg’s ready with Step 1.

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