The World According to Craig Podcast – Episode 8 – Can Creativity Be Compromised?

Fashion is something we all experience every day. But can fashion, and the art it represents, be a compromise between a designer’s vision and the public who buys it? Should it be? Tune in to find out. Fashion can sometimes feel fluffy, artificial, and unreal. Yet it’s something that we all wear in one form or another, every day. And fashion is rooted in art, creativity, and inspiration that is a spark within those who decide what color and shape we all select at the store. In this week’s episode, designer Charles Harbison talks about fashion and the creativity that drives him—and how he brings that creativity to the table for a consumer that may not think the same way. Can art be compromised? Should it be? And how do you take everything that lives in your head, put it on a page, and make it available for mainstream America? Tune in to find out.

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